Works in Progress (WIP)

Works in Progress

This is where readers can find out what’s in my pipeline if it’s a novel or short story.

The titles are “working titles”  the publisher or I may decide to change them before the completion of the story.

I appreciate and need your feedback.  Let me know what you like to read or what you think of some of my ideas.

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Faux Love

Is targeted to be an 80,000-word novel.  Currently, 85% of the way written.  The main characters are Hauck Deveraux and Andrea (Andie) Brewster.

Several years ago, Andie was in an accident.  She lost her leg, her career, and her fiance.  Believing she is not desirable she protects herself from losing her heart.

To keep her sister from going to jail, she finds herself playing the role of fiance to a billionaire.

Intrique, suspicion, and attraction find Hauck and Andie connecting to one another.  How will she tell him about her leg?  How can she get back to the life she had? What secrets does Hauck have?