Christmas the season of hope

The season of hope

Christmas is the season of hope. It started thousands of years ago with the birth of a baby. A special baby bringing us hopes that peace and love will prevail. Even in times of war, there was a moment of peace.

Christmas softens our hearts and opens our wallets to find gifts for our loved ones and strangers. It is a magical time, but we become burdened down by the commercialism, and busyness.

Enjoy the season

I want to encourage all of you to take time to enjoy the holiday. The most important gift you can give those you love is your time. Take the time to watch Christmas movies Hallmark/Netflix is a great place to find them. Go ice-skating if you live in an area that permits ice-skating.

Enjoy the wonder, catch snowflakes

on your tongue, find a special event you can enjoy with your family and start a tradition. Perhaps visit a train museum, go see the Nutcracker, or share a meal at a special place.

Friends and I went to Johnston’s Tea House in Cranberry Township Pennsylvania. They trimmed the home in the most beautiful Christmas decorations. Each room in a different color or theme.

The tables were set with pretty cups and saucers, cloth napkins and teapots. They had a standard menu so there was no need to decide. They brought dainty tea sandwiches, scones, quiche, and dessert to the table on a three-tiered stand. The top tier comprised of slices of walnut bread, fruit tarts and delightful chocolate thimbles filled with chocolate mousse.

We felt like ladies having tea with Dickens and transcended into a different time, and place for ninety minutes.

Festival of Lessons in Carols

Our church choir performs Lessons in Carols. Some of you may ask what is Lessons in Carols?

On Christmas Eve 1918 the first Festival of Lessons and Carols was planned by Eric Milner-White, he had convinced the Church of England that they needed a more “imaginative” worship.

The original comprising nine little scriptures and nine carols. Over the years, other churches adapted Lessons in Carols and songs changed, and new songs added. Its first public broadcast was in 1928, except for 1930, Lessons in Carols continues to broadcast today and as far as the West Indies.

You can listen to a Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols on December 24, 2018, at 9 a.m. It will be broadcast live from the chapel of King’s College in Cambridge, England and heard by millions around the world.

If you would like to attend in person, the following website will provide further information.

Why should you attend a Lessons and Carols?
  • To hear again God’s Words and his promise for the salvation of humankind.
  • Unity with other Christians from all corners of the world have listened to similar readings and songs
  • For a short time, you‘ll be transported from the day’s daily angst and pressures of holiday preparation. It will remind you of that long-ago time in a field with the shepherds, to understand the meaning of the words “sore afraid before trumpeting” and the amazing news you need not fear because the old age message remains, “it brings good tidings of great joy for all people.”
  • Last, it will remind you of what Christmas is about. Put aside the “world’s” Christmas and take a moment to remember the true meaning, “Word of the Father, now in the flesh appearing.”

Give yourself a special gift listen or attend Lessons in Carols near you. Bask in the warmth of the Christmas season and remember the birth of Jesus.

Have a Peaceful and Merry Christmas. `